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Capacity-building Workshops

Map showing workshop locationsTo encourage proper use of I3N tools and aid in their dissemination, I3N provides training workshops on the use and application of I3N informatics tools, as well as on the conceptual background and importance of using these tools and of creating standardized invasive alien species (IAS) data and metadata. The objectives of each workshop, as designed by I3N, are to raise awareness about IAS; to bring together staff from academia, government agencies and non-government organizations; to facilitate discussion among these groups about local issues through case studies presented by participants; to teach the basic concepts of environmental, policy and management issues; to inculcate the importance of using standardized data and metadata; and to train potential users about I3N tools. Some workshops are funded by I3N, others by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) South America Invasives Program. Workshops were offered in 2005 and 2006 in the Bahamas, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay and USA (see map). To view an example of materials presented at workshops, click here.

Technical Working Group (TWG) Meetings

Third TWG meeting, held in conjunction with the Fifth IABIN Council Meeting, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 7 May 2007

Second TWG meeting, held in conjunction with a national I3N Capacity Building Workshop, San Jose, Costa Rica, 22 and 23 November 2006

First TWG meeting, held in conjunction with the Fourth IABIN Council Meeting, Panama City, Panama, 5 and 7 April 2005

Other I3N Meetings

South American I3N Leads Meeting, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 8 May 2007

I3N at the Fifth IABIN Council Meeting, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 9 May 2007

Caribbean I3N Meeting held during the Fifth IABIN Council Meeting, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 10 May 2007

I3N-Uruguay meeting, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 7 May 2007

I3N Documents presented at the First IABIN Executive Committee Meeting, Washington, USA, 14 - 15 June 2006

I3N Meeting held during the Third IABIN Council Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, 13 August 2003

I3N Workshop held during the Second IABIN Council Meeting, Miami, USA, 16 January 2002

I3N Representation at International Conferences

To promote I3N and IABIN and take advantage of networking opportunities, the Coordinating Institution (United States Geological Survey National Biological Information Infrastructure - USGS/NBII), IABIN Secretariat, and I3N National Leads offer presentations and posters at various meetings. Recent meetings to which I3N participants have contributed are listed below. Additional presentations and posters are available at the Document Library. Please contact the I3N Interim Manager, Annie Simpson, if you wish to obtain a copy of the materials presented at these meetings.